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Unlock exclusive benefits: Rewards and discounts await!
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Lost your password? Please email rewards@flexspec.com.au using your registered email address.

How to Join

  1. Must have purchased a minimum of 150 tiles from our store or from one of our authorised dealers. Or spent equivalent or more than $1000.
  2. Must have left a product review on our website.
  3. Must have a valid email address to register.
  4. Only one account per person is allowed.
  5. Access is subject to approval by the program administrator.
  6. Customers must be at least 18 years old to gain access.
  7. Subject to change or termination at the discretion of the program administrator.

These requirements ensure that participants have actively engaged with our products by purchasing and reviewing them. For more info reach out to our rewards team at: rewards@flexspec.com.au